About Analytics in Reviews

Get a better understanding of the analytics of reviews of your employees.


How to have access to the review analytics?

There are two ways to access the review analytics after installing and setting up the reviews feature for your company:

Option 1:

  1. On your sidebar click on Performance
  2. Press on Reviews
  3. Choose the review of your choice
  4. Click on Analytics

Option 2:

  1. On your sidebar click on Employees
  2. Select the employee in question
  3. Click Reviews
  4. Select the review of your choice
  5. Click on Analytics

🌟 The analytics are divided by: Raw results and by Summary. You can filter them by:
- Team
- Workplace


Raw Results

Raw Results:

The raw results table provides an overview of all the answers from every participant in the review.

Summary and how to group the data


The Summary table provides an overview of the scores as quantitative results.

They can be grouped by questions or sections with a data aggregation by average or by sum.

Grouping the Summaries:

Grouping the Summaries allows you to group heatmaps results by section or by question. If you group by section, you can see the results added or by average.

- Grouping Open Questions

Grouping answers for open questions will add collapsable rows to the table.

How to download the data of the results?

  1. Open the analytics section within the performance review of your choice.
  2. Click on the (…).
  3. Choose the type of export

- You can export survey results in .xlsx and .csv.
- You can export the data that you filtered or grouped before.


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