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Where to find the Variables?

💡The employee profile custom fields and the contracts custom fields are available as variables. Discover how to use custom fields as variables



  1. On your sidebar, click on Documents
  2. Press Document templates
  3. Head to Available variables

There are more than 60 variables with employee and company information that you can use in the templates. Factorial will automatically fill in each employee's data when sending the document to them.

👀 The document used in the template must be in .docx format, the Microsoft Word standard.



The available variables in Factorial are enclosed in double brackets, and when used, they will be replaced with the employee's information.

For example:

  • The document template (docx):

Employee {% raw %}{{name}}{% endraw %} {% raw %}{{surname}}{% endraw %}, with Social Security number {% raw %}{{social_security_number}}{% endraw %}....

  • The document received by the employee (pdf):

The employee Juan Garcia, with Social Security number 11122233344444...

📝 When uploading the .docx document, Factorial will detect the available variables and display them in a list.


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