Document Templates

Document templates allows you to fill in employee datas automatically such as name, surname, or security number. Follow these steps to create your first one.

🤵🏼♀️ You have to be an administrator to be able to use this function.

Install the APP 

  • Go to App
  • Document Templates
  • Install App
  • Once the installation is completed, you can create your first template by going to the settings tab. 

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💡In Factorial Admins can upload a document with variables that are replaced with the corresponding employee data.  You can consult the list of variables recognized by Factorial to replace the variables adding them to the document.
🔴 Before uploading the template, check if the document format is .Docx.

  •  Once the document has been successfully added, you will see all detected variables. In order to see these detected variables, you will need first to access the document by pressing the arrow -->

💡 If employee data is not available for a specific variable, it will be replaced by a blank field. 

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Send the Template

  • Head to Files
  • Documents in Bulk 

Here you can add your Template, select the template you need and send the document in bulk. All the variables recognized by Factorial will be automatically filled in with the personal information of each employee.

📧 The Administrator will be notified by email when the process is completed.

Variables List 

➡️ List of Variables - Here you can find all the variables to add in your templates