Document Templates

Document templates allows you to fill in employee datas automatically such as name, surname, or security number. Follow these steps to create your first one.

🤵🏼♀️ You have to be an administrator to be able to use this function.

With Document Templates, Administrators can save a great deal of time in managing documents with employees: the same document can be sent to several employees by substituting personal information in each final document through variables.

You can send Document templates through the Bulk Documents functionality and request e-signature.

Document templates in the Files section

The Document Templates application will be installed by default and accessible to Administrators from the Files section.

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Variables list displayed in the Document templates main page

There are more than 60 variables with employee and company information that you can use in the templates. Factorial will automatically fill in each employee's data when sending the document to them.

You can find the list of available variables on the main page of the functionality. The list includes the section in Factorial and the Legal Entity if applicable for each variable. Administrators can search and order that list to easily find the necessary variable.

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👀 The document used in the template must be in .docx format, the Microsoft Word standard.

The available variables use double brackets to open and close the variable name that Factorial will replace with the employee's information.


Document template (docx)

Employee Document Templates , with Social Security number ....

Document received by the employee (pdf)

The employee Juan Garcia, with Social Security number 11122233344444...

📝 When uploading the .docx document, Factorial will detect the available variables and display them in a list.

Template preview with employee data

The Administrator can select an employee to display the template with the employee's information, which will be displayed in the final document.

  • Original template

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  • Document preview with employee data

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⚠️ If no data exists for a specific variable within the employee or company information, there will be a blank space in the final document.