About absences and approvals

Discover how to manage absences and approvals in Factorial

 Absences and approvals are important aspects of managing employee attendance in a company and Factorial provides useful tools to streamline the entire process.

How absences and approvals work in Factorial

No matter what your role is, Factorial makes it easy to request, assign and approve/reject time off, ensuring that everyone in the company can take the time they need to rest and recharge when necessary.

  • As an employee you can easily request time off through the platform. Factorial allows you to select the type of absence you need, such as medical leave, and fill out the necessary fields to submit your request. Once you've submitted your request, you'll receive notifications via email when your request is approved or rejected.
    How to request time off
request time off
  • Managers can use Factorial to assign time off to their team members. With the Omni button, they can quickly and easily assign absences to one or more employees. They can also assign absences in bulk if they need to manage multiple absences at once. Managers and team leaders can also approve or reject time off of their team members.
    How to assign time off
    How to approve and reject time off requests
  • Administrators have access to a range of tools to manage the entire time off process. From configuring notification settings to ensuring that policies are being followed, to set blocked periods administrators can oversee every aspect of time off management.

How to set up blocked periods for time off

How to create time off approval systems

How to create absence types

Blocked perioss

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