How to schedule interviews

Set up interviews and sent invitations to candidates and hiring managers through the ATS

🌟To be a scheduling organizer, you must connect your calendar to Factorial.


❗️Invites to connect employees' calendars can only be sent by administrators


How to connect your calendar to Factorial

  1. From Settings, scroll down until People
  2. Select Recruitment
  3. From here click on the Integrations tab
  4. Set up who can connect the calendar, by clicking on Invite user

⚠️ You can invite hiring managers and also yourself.


Creating an interview

  1. From your sidebar menu, go to Jobs
  2. Select a job opening, open the candidate’s application
  3. Set up the meeting by clicking the calendar button, located on the header

1. Team and location

  1. From the modal window, fill in the information:
    1. Organizer
    2. Attendees
    3. Type of meeting
  2. Click on Next

 ❗️The organizer will be added as an attendee too, but you can unselect them when configuring attendees.


2. Date and Time

  1. Check your invitees’ availability
  2. Choose the Slot, Duration, and Time zone

💡Take into account, that if a user has not connected their calendar, their availability won’t be reflected on the availability selector


3. Message

  1. Create your Custom message and + Add variables
  2. Click on Next

🌟 All attendees will receive an invite to their calendars.


4. Review

  1. Review the invitation 
  2. Send it

✅The scheduled interview  will appear on the job application



🌟 All hiring managers will receive a notification in their inbox


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