Errors when importing employee data from Excel

1.Errors due to the format:

  • Date Formats: The correct date format is: DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Account number format: the correct format for the IBAN includes the country code, check digits, bank code, bank branch code, national code, and bank account number.
  • Office Name: The correct format for names for office in Lyon (France) is: LYON. It should be written in uppercase letters to be recognized by excel.
  • Drop-down menus: It’s important to use the available options and not add any extra information.

It is important not to modify the structure of the provided excel file. Only enter data in the designated blank fields without altering the layout or format.


2. Errors due to the required fields:

When updating or reassigning employees in Factorial, it is essential to ensure that each employee has a unique identification number assigned to them.

  • The mandatory fields are: the employee’s name, surname, and email (corporate email). The others are optional, depending on your requirements.

Note: It is not possible to update an email directly in the Excel because if an employee creates a new email, as an administrator, the employee will be duplicated and have another existing email.


To solve this problem:

  • If the employee has access to Factorial:
  1. On the sidebar, click on Me
  2. Head to Profile
  3. Edit the email in the Work information section
  4. Click on Submit
  5. Confirm the password
  6. Press on Submit
  • If the employee doesn't have access to Factorial, the administrator can:
  1. On the sidebar, click on Employee
  2. Select an employee
  3. Head to Profile
  4. Edit the email in the Work information section
  5. Click on Submit
  6. Confirm the password
  7. Press on Submit

3. Errors due to the Org chart management:

  • It’s important to assign each employee to their respective manager in the field because Factorial's organizational chart is built on the hierarchy of managers.

When an employee doesn’t have a manager or time off supervisor, it is important to leave the field empty to avoid any confusion or errors.


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