Complaints Channel

This article will explain how employees, ex-employees, contractors, clients and more can send complaints to companies as stated in the new directive of the European Union.

At Factorial, we are giving you the opportunity as our customer to comply with the EU requirements to set up a whistleblowing system. 

🇪🇺What are the EU Requirements?

  1. Whistleblowing channels must allow the possibility of making complaints both in writing and verbally, as well as by telephone or other voice messaging systems and in person if requested by the complainant.
  2. The complaint channels must guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the complainant and of any third party mentioned in the complaint.
  3. There is an obligation to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within a maximum period of 7 days from receipt.
  4. It is appropriate to diligently process all complaints, including anonymous ones, when they are acceptable by national law.
  5. A maximum period of 3 months is established to respond to the complainant about the processing of the complaint, counting from the acknowledgment of receipt or, if there was no acknowledgment of receipt, from the expiration of the period of 7 days from the submission of the complaint.

What is Factorial's Role?

🛂Factorial will provide you with a page that is customised with settings from your company's customisation that will include three different steps.

  1. Complaint Form :  You will provide complainant information (anonymous is optional) +  relationship with the company (optional)
    1. Description of Complaint (mandatory): You will provide information about the involved parties, location, time and cause of complaint. You may have to refer to possible witnesses (gravity of complaint) and proof of the event (attach documentation). 
    Capture d’écran 2021-12-16 à 16.17.59
  2. Password Creation : The password will maintain the protection and security of your complaint. 
    Capture d’écran 2021-12-16 à 16.20.32
  3. Complaint Number : This will serve as a username to access the page where you have deposited your complaint. 
    1. The person reporting the complaint can see the status of the complaint and add extra comments with context and relevant documentation (if requested by the complaints manager). 

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  • You have successfully and safely submitted your complaint. 



  • In case, you want to add more information to your complaint, press on Follow Up a Complaint and insert your Complaint Number & Password . 

🔐All information will be encrypted to ensure that the privacy is preserved during the transmission of information. Furthermore, only the designated person will be able to access the complaints. 

👁Inside Factorial

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Scroll until you find Complaints Channel
  3. Install App
  4. Select the person responsible for processing complaints. 

💡Only the designated person can access and process the complaints. A designated person will be a person that the company appoints to deal with complaints. 

⚠️ By heading to Apps < Complaints Channel < Settings you will have access to the complaint link that can be found in the Complaints Form section. Every company will have their respective url for complaints.

Where do I visualize Complaints?

  • The designated person will see the Complaints section in his/her menu.

🔆When a complaint is created or updated (e.g. when a new message is sent or a new attachment is uploaded by the complainer) the complaints manager will receive a new pending task in their dashboard.

🔆When the complaint has an 'unread update' a 🔔will be visible in the activity tab (complaints manager view of complaints). 


A complaint manager will be a person working internally in the company that will be granted authorization to access the Complaints sections and process the complaint.

The person making the complaint and attributed complaint manager will be able to leave comments and upload attachement through Factorial to ensure that even when the complaint is anonymous, all the information required to process the complaint will be fully provided.