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Factorial App for Smartphones 📱

Nowadays, the Smartphone has become an essential gadget, we go everywhere with it and use it for any management, communication, purchase, etc. That is why we do not want to be less, and we have decided to launch our Smartphone App for iOS and Android systems. 

How to download Factorial's App? 📲

Depending on your Smartphone's operating system, you will need to download the Factorial app by going to the Apple Store or Google Play. If you filter by Factorial HR in the search bar, you will see the Factorial app in order to download it and add it to your app dashboard. 

Which features does the App contain? 

From now on, users with more than 1 company can switch between them in the app. If it’s the case, a new option appears on the actionable menu, then they can select another company to switch to. 

 IMG_2141  IMG_2142

The Factorial App is composed of three sections; Home, Employees and Time-off. In the Home section, you will find the clock-in button, where you can slide the arrow to make the registration of the day and the departure. You will also see that it includes a counter that will add up the hours as the clock-in button is activated, and will stop counting when you finish the day.  

   53 42 50

Remember 💡: With the app, you cannot register the entry and exit manually, for that you must access your account through the web app. 


You will also find out who is absent from the office, and what the next absences will be.  In the Employees section, you will find the same list that appears on the website, where you can consult the information about your teammates.

And finally, in the third section, you will find the Time-off functionality, where you will find a board with the total days - available - used that you currently have, and a list of past and pending absences. Are you on your way home, and you forgot to request Monday's home office through the web? 😰. Just by clicking the "+" in the right frame of the screen, you can quickly request an absence to your supervisor.

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