Expenses reimbursement through the Payroll feature

Save time and reimburse your employees expenses through the Payroll feature.

How to make a reimbursement through Factorial? 

Companies can now make the reimbursement of an expense through Payroll in an automatic way. The two functionalities are synchronized and the administrator must perform the following steps:

  • Head to Expenses Beta
  • Approve all the expenses that you want to reimburse
  • Select the expenses that you want to reimburse

    👀 You can click on the little square next to Employee to do it in bulk, or select one by one. 

  • Click on the (...) button
  • Select Reimburse through Payroll
  • Define in which payroll period will the expenses be reimbursed (Current period or Following period)
  • Select Reimburse

Thats it! Now all of the expenses are in payroll! 

How to check an reimburse on Payroll?

If you want to check in the Payroll feature you just need to:

  • Click on the arrow right next to the expense ->
  • Scroll down until Reimbursement through Payroll

Here you can check the Policy Payroll that it was added and the date. 

  • Click on See in Payroll

You will be redirected to the supplements page where you can view all supplements, the amount, when refunds were requested and also the title.

How can I change the title of a supplement? 

Factorial has a default mapping for all the expenses categories and all the supplements titles to make it more easy to use it. (e.g. the expense categorie taxi will be reflect as the supplement title transport) But if you eant you can change it! 

  • Head to Applications 
  • Select Payroll Management
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Scroll down until Connected Supplements
  • Click on Expenses reimbursement
  • Then you just need to change the matching

How can I create a specific title of a supplement?

If the company needs to create a specific title, you can easily do it through Factorial! You just need to: 

  • Head to Company on the side menu bar
  • Select the Legal Entity
  • Head to the Contracts tab
  • Scroll down until Additional Compensation
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select Edit
  • Scroll down and click on +Add one option
  • Name the new title that you want to add
  • Submit

How can I delete an expense from the Payroll? 

If the administrator wants to take off an expense from the payroll it's simple!

  • Head to Expenses Beta app
  • Select the expense that he wants to take it out from the Payroll

    👀 You can click on the little square next to Employee to do it in bulk, or select one buy one. 

  • Click on the (...) button
  • Select Remove from Payroll

After this, the supplements created in Payroll from these expenses will be automatically deleted. 

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