How to use the message board

Directly message your candidates through the message board in the job section to keep an open dialogue throughout the recruiting process and easily track recorded conversations with candidates.


Steps to follow message candidates through the message board:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Recruitment
  2. Remain in the Jobs
  3. Choose the job opening of your concern
  4. Click on a specific candidate to view their profile
  5. Click on the Messages tab to send a message directly to the candidate
  6. Compose your message.
  7. Click on:
  • Send now: to send the message immediately,
  • The narrow ">": to schedule the message for later.

💡 The "Send from a no-reply email" option is available to send messages, without the need to manage replies.


  • ❗ To create a message template, write your message and then click on Save as Template. You can also make your templates more flexible by adding variables.

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