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How to create an event?

To create an event, you have two main options: through the Omni Button or through the Dashboard. From the Omni Button:

  1. Press the Omni Button
  2. Select Create a Post
  3. Opt for Event
  4. Fill out all fields
  5. Click on Continue

From the Dashboard:

  1. Go to the section of All Communities
  2. Click on Create A Post
  3. Select the Community
  4. Select the Post Type: Event
  5. Fill out all fields
  6. Click on Continue



Who is allowed to create communities?

Anyone who has access to the Dashboard can create communities. The process involves navigating to the Dashboard, clicking on "All Communities," and then clicking on "Create Community.”



Can an employee publish an event?

Yes, an employee can publish an event. They can do this either through the Omni Button or through the Dashboard. 

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