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What is the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)?

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a method to measure the engagement and satisfaction of the employees with a survey. With it, we find the number of detractors, passives, and promoters in the company.

It helps to understand the employee's experience in terms of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Depending on their answers, the respondents will be divided into three categories:

😁 Promoters

  • Engaged employees who answer the survey with a score of 9 or 10.
  • Promoters are happy employees who contribute positively to promoting the company's image and growth. These employees are satisfied with the corporate culture and are thus motivated to deliver top performance.

😐 Passives

  • Employees with an eNPS score of 7 or 8 and don’t form part of the eNPS formula.
  • Neutral employees are basically satisfied with their corporate culture but remain open to offers from other companies. These employees are not likely to recommend their company to others, but they do not speak negatively about it either.
  • Feedback from these employees is important for making improvements and turning neutral employees into promoters.

🙁 Detractors

  • Employees who answer the survey with a score ranging from 0 to 6.
  • Detractors are employees who are not at all or partially dissatisfied with their job. The risk that these employees will leave the company is high and the feedback from these employees is important for minimizing employee turnover and costs.

eNPS question

The eNPS question asking if employees would recommend the company is used to gauge employee advocacy and willingness to promote the organization. It serves several purposes:

Employee Engagement: Satisfied and engaged employees are more likely to recommend the company, indicating high engagement and support for the organization.

Employer Branding: Employee recommendations significantly impact the company's reputation and employer brand. Positive word-of-mouth attracts top talent, enhances recruitment efforts, and improves the overall image of the organization.

Customer Perception: Enthusiastic employees are more likely to provide exceptional customer service and positively contribute to customer experiences. Their willingness to recommend the company aligns with their belief in its products, services, or values.

Retention and Loyalty: Employees who have a positive perception of the organization and would recommend it to others are more likely to stay loyal and committed. This suggests satisfaction with the work environment and a higher likelihood of long-term employment.

How to set up the eNPS?

  1. On your sidebar click on Marketplace → Apps
  2. Click on the App eNPS - Employee satisfaction
  3. Press on Install App

eNPS settings

  1. On your sidebar click on Engagement
  2. Click on the App eNPS
  3. On the right corner press the configuration icon

🔓 The settings page is available for admins and supervisors

  • Basic info: Edit its description. The survey name will be given by default and cannot be changed.
  • Date and frequency: Edit the start date of the survey and set how often it is repeated.

Editors: Different from managers, who will only be granted access to the results and statisticseditors can edit the questions and access the results. Admins will always have access.

To maintain a high participation rate and prevent survey fatigue, we recommend conducting surveys every 3 months. This interval allows for regular collection of employee feedback and gives the organization sufficient time to implement action plans to address concerns and enhance employee engagement. Consequently, this increases the likelihood of employees becoming promoters.


💡 You may add as many editors as you wish and they can also be employees.


How to add an editor:

  1. Click on Add Editor

How to remove an editor:

  1. Click on the icon
  2. Press Remove editor

How to answer the survey?

📨 If your Administrator, Manager, or Team Leader sends you a survey, you will receive a notification via Dashboard.

  1. Head to your Inbox section
  2. Click on the Survey notification
  3. Respond to the questions
  4. Click on Submit feedback

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