How to set up meal voucher calculations in France?

Set up meal vouchers for your employees and calculate it through the payroll

How to set up meal vouchers?

  1. Go to Employees
  2. Select the employee in question
  3. Head into the Contracts tab
  4. Click on Fix conditions

5. Select the Effective date and the Start date
6. Click on Next
7. In Role, level and salary click on Add additional compensation
8. Define the additional compensation, in this case Meal Voucher
9. Choose the Type: Per worked day
10. and Calculation: Days worked in the current period
11. Select the Amount per worked day: 1, Currency: Unit.
12. Review that Recurrence is set up as: Every period
13. Click on Submit

❗️This means 1 unit per day. You can also add the amount in €, specifying the amount of the ticket. For example 9€



14. Confirm the Working hours, Legal and extras and click on Fix conditions

❗️Keep in mind that you will need to do this for every employee



Meal vouchers calculated in the payroll

Once you have added the additional compensation to your employees, you will be able to validate it, review it, or fix it through the payroll cycle.


  1. Head to Payroll, located on the sidebar menu
  2. Make sure you are Cycle
  3. Go to Supplements
  4. Search for your employee

In the case that:

  1. The amount is good, validate the supplement
  2. The amount is wrong:

Add more or remove the amount.

For example: if you added 23 meal vouchers but your employee went on holiday leave for two days, and you want to take 2 meals from the compensation:

  1. Click on the (+) button located on the right
  2. Choose the amount, in this case, (-2) units
  3. Select the compensation Meal voucher
  4. Done - 2023-05-24T124634.399

🚨 Remember that supplements must be validated for them to be processed in the payroll calculation


To import meal vouchers in bulk

  1. From Supplements
  2. Select Import supplements, located on the right
  3. A pop-up tab will appear for you to drop an Excel file with the meal voucher information.

❗️To import meal vouchers in bulk, you should follow the same process as when importing any other type of supplement in bulk. Read more about it.


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