Why can't I introduce the E-signature on my document?

Common problems and solutions

Is the document in PDF format?

The document must be in PDF format so that we can be able to sign it successfully.


Has the document been edited or encrypted?

When uploading a document to Signaturit, it is transformed into an image for lawful reasons and to ensure 100% integrity of that document.
When processing documents, we do not recommend working with editable PDFs. During the processing, dynamic data or special formats may be lost. 

In some cases, printing the PDF can work. In this way, the document, already formatted, will not suffer any modification or unformatting when processed by Signaturit, though it may lose some quality.

To conclude, the PDF should not be edited or encrypted.


Are you placing the signature inside the box?

Let's understand as a requirement the need to position the signature within this box 👇


Have all users signed the document?

We must wait for all users whom we have requested the E-Signature to sign so that we can view their signatures within the document.


💡 With the advanced digital signature, it is not necessary to sign more than one page. With one, it is enough. The digital signature works like a stamp that encompasses all the pages of the document. To understand this better, read the article by our partner Signaturit: Documents - Questions


💡 Signaturit saves certificates of digital signatures in metadata (PDF format). You can access their platform and find them in the Electronic Signature section.


💡 E-Signature has a file size limit of 15MB (any file bigger than that will be correctly saved but no E-Signature will be requested). 


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