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1. What are the types of document templates available in the system?

The system offers two types of document templates:

  1. DOCX with variables: This type of template is in DOCX format and includes variables. These variables can be dynamically filled with specific information for each employee, allowing for personalized document generation.
  2. Fillable PDFs: The second type of template is in the form of fillable PDFs. These templates enable users to input data directly into the PDF fields, creating customized and editable documents.



2. Where can I find the list of available variables for document templates and how are they organized?

You can find the list of available variables on the main page of the Document templates feature. The list includes the section in Factorial and the Legal Entity if applicable for each variable. You can search and order that list to easily find the necessary variable.



3. What is a fillable PDF?

A fillable PDF is a type of PDF document that includes text fields, check boxes or radio buttons that can be filled in by users using a PDF viewer.

These fields can be used to collect information from users as a form does.

Examples of fillable PDFs are Modelo 145 in Spain or Form W-4 in the USA, which are document templates provided by the Government that companies need to share with the employees to collect personal information to comply with taxes obligations.



4. How Fillable PDFs are distributed in Factorial?

Currently, the only way to distribute Fillable PDFs is by using Document templates and Documents in bulk.

❗ If a Fillable PDF is uploaded to an employee folder directly or sent in bulk as a regular pdf file and not as a template, the document won’t be fillable by the employee.





5. Can DOCX with Variables have fillable characteristics or Fillable PDFs use variables?

For the moment, those two types of templates have features that are incompatible: the Fillable PDFs can’t use variables and the DOCX with variables can’t use fillable features that the PDFs have.



6. Can users fill out documents from the app?

No. For the moment this feature is only available for the web platform.



7. What are Official Document Templates?

An Official Document Template (ODTs) is a document template provided by Factorial that users can’t delete. The ODTs are intended for official document templates such as Modelo 145 (Spain) or Form W-4 (USA).

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