What happens if an employee requests time off during a blocked period?

Discover how blocked periods work and how to override them forcing the system

If an employee requests time off during a blocked period, the system will display a message warning the employee that the requested date cannot be submitted. This ensures that the company's operations run smoothly and that there are no disruptions during critical periods. 



It is important for employees to be aware of blocked periods and to schedule their time off accordingly. This allows them to plan ahead and avoid any last-minute surprises. For this reason, blocked periods are always visible in the Factorial calendar.




How to override blocked periods

If you need to make any exceptions for specific employees and allow them to be absent during a blocked period, you can do so.

Use the Omnibutton to override the blocked period and force the system to successfully submit an absence request.

❗ This action can be performed only by admins.

  1. Click on the Omnibutton - located in the bottom left corner
  2. Select Add time off
  3. Fill in the fields:
    • Choose a policy
    • Define the type of absence
    • Select the employee (you can select more than one)
    • Add a description (optional)
    • Set the days
  4. Click on Add days

💡 Override-blocked periods are helpful in situations where the employee has an emergency or a personal obligation that cannot be rescheduled. By providing this level of flexibility, you can maintain a positive and productive work environment while also accommodating the needs of your employees.



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