How to create a post

Increase visibility and communication within the company by creating events and announcements.


How to create a post

Through the Dashboard

To create a post through the Dashboard:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to All Communities
  3. Click on Create Post

Through the Omni Button

To create a post through the Omni Button:

  1. Press the Factorial Omni Button
  2. Click on Create a Post

How to fill out the information to create a post

  • After clicking on Create post, a new page will appear to:
    • Add a picture (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, SVG), size: 1220x686px
    • Insert a title
    • If the post is an event, flag the option and enter the date, time, and location
    • Add a description: highlight important concepts and make the post more readable using bold, italic, and underlined words

💡 Now you can also attach files to the post. Click on 📎 icon and choose your files (Max: 200 MB in total).

  1. Click on Continue 📍Located in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select the Community
  3. Flag or not the options
  4. Click on Publish

💡 Keep in mind:

When publishing the event it will be visible in the company calendar and the dashboard of each employee. It's also up to you to:

- Send email notification 

- Allow comments and reactions

  • Admins can: 

- Delete automatic posts like birthdays

- Be able to see who has viewed the event.

- Delete other people's comments and moderate content

  • Employees and other profiles will be able to see how many people have seen the event
  • Admins and the user who has created a post, will see the ellipsis button at the top right by clicking on the (…).

That button will allow you to: Edit posts, Turn comments and reactions off, and Delete posts.


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