How to configure Payroll Management?

Install and configure Payroll management, set up and manage bookkeepers and payroll policies.

How to Install Payroll Management?

  1. Head to Marketplace → Apps
  2. Select Payroll Management
  3. Press in Install App
  4.  Select the Country
  5. Select the bookkeeper(s) you want

👀 You may select one or more bookkeepers when setting up the payroll management of your company. You can also skip this part if you don't want to choose a bookkeeper at the moment and edit it later.


❗️ Depending on the location of your legal entity(ies), Factorial will skip the country selection and automatically choose the country of your payroll management.



Setting it up

Once the Payroll management app is installed, users can configure it by going to Settings.

  1. Go to Settings, located in the sidebar menu
  2. Scroll down until the Finance section
  3. Select Payroll

In Settings, it will appear different sections.


Payroll Policies

 ❗ Select, manage, and edit payroll policies.


The default payroll policy is configured when installing payroll for the first time. During this process, the user will be asked to create the default policy for all employees, and to configure the following:

  • Name of the policy.
  • Periodicity: how frequently employees in the policy are paid. For the moment Factorial supports monthly, weekly, every-2-weeks, and twice-a-month payroll periodicities.
  • Starting date: when it begins being active.


After the installation, payroll policies can be managed on the payroll management settings page:

  • Creating new policies.
  • Renaming existing policies. For now, the rest of the fields of a policy can’t be edited.
  • Changing the default policy.

Payroll policies can't be deleted or archived.


Basic Settings

Here you will see the bookkeeper(s) you have previously selected. You can add or delete the bookkeeper(s) later in this section.



The number of events are being tracked or untracked by your company from here you will have access to the Incidence settings page where you can configure all the incidences.

Employee Data

Add information related to payroll: gross salary, social security number, bank account, etc. By pressing go to employees you will be redirected to the employee section to make the necessary changes.


Default Folders

Payroll folders information

  1. Choose the folder you want by clicking on it

Coffre-fort Numérique

🚨 Just for the French market


By activating the Coffre-fort Numérique integration the payslips in your company and employees' coffres will be saved automatically.


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