Chrome+Factorial Sourcing Extension

In this article, you'll discover how to install and use our Chrome extension: Factorial Sourcing, to get the best talent.

What's the Chrome + Factorial Sourcing plugin?

Factorial Sourcing is a Google Chrome plugin that facilitates candidate sourcing and makes it straightforward by allowing automatic importation of candidate profiles from LinkedIn and other websites to your job openings in Factorial

💡 This extension allows you to gather candidate contact information and assign them to a specific job opening and phase.


How to Install the Extension ?

  1.  Install Sourcing Chrome Extension through Chrome browser
  2. Open the extension and sign in to Factorial account
  3. Find a candidate in a recruitment site (e.g LinkedIn) and hit the Factorial Extension icon

🚨 Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome updated to avoid problems when using the extension.


How to add a candidate to the system ?

After finding a candidate and clicking on the Factorial extension, a set of information found on the site will be displayed and populated, such as:

  • Job opening name
  • Phase
  • Name
  • Last name
  • Email - If available
  • URL of the current page
  • Phone number
  • Notes for the ‘Feedback’ section
  1. Select a job opening and phase to add the candidate
  2. Press Save candidate
  3. Continue browsing or open the candidate profile in the ATS

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