About the Surveys configuration

Start the launch of your surveys by setting them up in configurations.

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Configuration Section

After creating your survey a new tab will open where you’ll have to add:

  • Basic Info

Add the basic information about your survey.

  1. Edit the Name of the survey.
  2. Add a Description
  • Date and frequency

Modify the date, duration, and frequency settings of the survey.

  1. Select a start date
  • Choose your start time
  • Set the duration (days to answer)
  • If you want to repeat this survey:
  1. Activate the option Repeat this survey
  2. Choose the frequency
  3. Repeat until: you can choose the option No due date or set a specific date
  4. Click Save

🗓️ The cycle respects the starting date for the next repetitions.

⏳ The user can specify a time to answer for each cycle.

🚨 Keep in mind:

  • Start date and time can be changed until the date arrives.
  • Cycle settings can be changed after the launch. Some changes will require closing the current cycle and starting a new one.
  • Privacy Settings

Configure if the answers will be anonymous.

⛔ A minimum of 3 participants with their responses is required to see the results.

  • Answer availability

Managers and team leads can see the responses and analytics ****of the employees they manage as soon as they're submitted.

  • Editors

👩🏾‍💼Different from managers, who will only be granted access to the results and statisticseditors can edit the questions and access the results. Admins will always have access.

💡 You may add as many editors as you wish and they can also be employees.

  1. Click on Add Editor

How can I Remove an Editor?

  1. Click on (...) in the Editors section
  2. Select Remove from survey

Once all the information is added:

  1. Click on Start survey
  2. Press Continue

📩 Automatic notifications

  • You can notify reviewers with pending surveys to complete them by pressing on Send email reminder to pending participants
  • You can directly share the survey link by pressing Share link
  • Once launched, the employees will receive an email and a pending task notification on their Dashboard.
  • Employees will receive an email 2 days prior to the close of the surveys

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