I am an admin, can I terminate an employee?

Yes. Absolutely. In case an employee's termination date arrives, and you want to remove his/her access to Factorial, you can terminate it and he/she will not be able to access his/her employee account anymore. 

To terminate an employee from Factorial you just have to: 

1. Login as admin in Factorial.
2. Access the employee section.
3. Click on the employee you wish to terminate.
4. At the top right of the page, you will find a button like this "...", click it.
5. Click on "Terminate Employee" again.

Terminate 1

6. Once you have clicked, Factorial will ask you the date of termination and the reason. Remember that you cannot enter an end date in the future.

Terminate 2

 7. The next step will be to introduce the employee's e-mail. When you have completed these steps, simply click on the Terminate Employee button, and you will terminate the employee. 

Terminate 3

Terminated employees will not be allowed to access Factorial or receive notifications from the company. The employee's historical data will not be lost and you will be able to consult it whenever you want (only an admin can see the data). 

If you terminate the employee, you will always be able to reactivate him/her.


Remember 🧠: When you terminate an employee, they will not be automatically removed from your employee list. We always allow the employee to access the account during the day of termination, in case they need to download any document or check their profile.