About Tenure Periods

Learn how to add tenure periods to determine at what length of time your employees will be entitled to an increased in their allowance and how many days they will be granted.

Where can I Find Tenure Periods? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Time Off 
  • Access a Time Off Policy 
  • When you create or edit an allowance, you will be able to visualize tenure periods at the bottom of the page.



How Can I Add Tenure Periods? 

  1. Activate Allowance By Tenure 
  2. Select the Transition between tenure periods
    → Define when the employees transition from one period to another will start: At the beginning of the corresponding cycle; At the beginning of the following cycle;  or on the day the tenure period is reached

    at the beginning of the current cycle

    at the end of the current cycle
  3. Press on Add New Tenure Period


  4. Complete the fields required: 
    Employee’s Required Tenure:
    Define the number of years/month that an employee must have worked in the company to be entitled to the new allowance adjustments. 

    Additional Allowance Days:
    If your base allowance is 0 days and you want to grant 6 days after the first year, you will need to add these 6 days in here. 
    → In case your base allowance has a number of days or hours, simply enter the additional days and the sum will be reflected automatically.
    1. For example: My base allowance is 10 working days. And After the first year, I want to grant my employees 3 more days. I would simply add these 3 additional days in the Additional Allowance Days Field.
      (See the capture below to understand how it would be reflected ↓). 
  5. Press in Add Period 

Can I Edit or Delete Tenure Periods? 

🔺 What Happens if you Delete a Tenure Period?: All employees currently assigned to this tenure period will be reassigned to the one which best suits their tenure.

  • Head to the tenure you will like to edit or delete
  • Press in the (...)


How can I Save Changes? 

After applying any changes, you should save these changes by pressing on save changes