Common errors in Advanced Reports and solutions

Are you experiencing errors with one of your reports? Let us guide on how to fix these errors that arise in order for you to visualise the data.

1. Custom field deleted

When a report uses custom fields that have been deleted, the report attempts to retrieve its data but fails, as if the fields no longer exist.

To solve this problem:

  1. Access the details of your widget
  2. Identify the custom fields being used by the widget
  3. Compare the custom fields in the report with those listed in your account under Settings > General > Customization > Custom fields
  4. If a custom field mentioned in the report isn't present in the Customization section, delete it
  5. The report should work after deleting the problematic fields


2. Missing information or outdated data in Dashboards

If a user hasn't accessed reports for more than a week and returns to view their dashboards, they might notice that some data is either missing or outdated.

To solve this problem:

  1. Click on Refresh now button at the top of the page
  2. Wait until the data is being refreshed


3. Field without permissions

When a report uses fields that a user lacks permission to access, the report won't display results to prevent security issues.

To solve this problem:

  1. Access the details of your widget
  2. Identify the fields that you cannot view
  3. Consult your company admin
  4. The admin can review whether you should have access to the data and enable the necessary permissions


4. App uninstalled

When a widget uses data from an uninstalled app, the widget continues trying to return its data, but as it doesn't exist, the report fails.

To solve this problem:

  1. Go to the detail of your widget
  2. Check if the widget is using fields from an uninstalled app
  3. If a field included in the report belongs to an uninstalled app try to delete it
  4. The report should work after deleting the problematic fields


5. SQL syntax error

When a widget is built using SQL code directly, it can include some syntax errors that make conflicts and it can't show any result.

To solve this problem:

  1. Ensure that all the columns you're referencing exist and have no naming errors
  2. Double-check that you haven't overlooked a comma "," between columns
  3. Verify that the sequence of SQL statements is accurate (SELECT, FROM, JOINS, WHERE, ORDER, and HAVING)


6. Unexpected errors

If a widget is taking longer than usual to load or encounters any other errors while loading, try to reload it. If the issue continues to persist, please contact our support team

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