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How to set up a Review?

To set up a Review, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Reviews App by going to Marketplace → Apps
  2. Create a review by heading to Performance, selecting Reviews, and clicking on the +Create Review in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose between using a ready-to-launch template or creating a custom review.
  4. If using a template, select your reviewees, reviewers, and save the draft. If creating a custom review, add a name, select reviewees and reviewers, and press Submit.
  5. Configure the review settings in the Configuration Section, including basic info, date and frequency, privacy settings, answers availability, and editors.
  6. Start the review by clicking on Start review and press Start.



How to Answer to a Review (Manager and Employee view)?

To answer a review as an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Inbox section.
  2. Click on the Review Notification.
  3. Respond to the questions.
  4. Click on Submit feedback
  5. Remember that you can save your answers as a draft and edit them later if needed.
  6. As a manager or administrator, to view responses to a review:
  7. On your sidebar, click on Performance.
  8. Click on the Reviews section.
  9. Choose an Active or Finished review.
  10. Click on a reviewee.



If we have never conducted a performance review process in our company before, do you offer any guidance or suggestions on what to evaluate?

Yes, we provide guidance to help you get started. When creating your first performance review, you can choose the option "Use our templates." By selecting this path, Factorial will provide a template in the Questions section that includes a set of pre-defined questions for participants. These questions are designed to gather meaningful information about employees' performance. This template serves as a helpful starting point for your performance review process.



Does Factorial accommodate our specific needs if we are already familiar with performance review processes and have a clear idea of what we want to evaluate?

Yes. You have the ability to create your own review templates that can be used for any of your performance reviews. This allows you to tailor the evaluation criteria and questions according to your specific requirements and evaluation goals.



Do you offer analytics tools for analyzing performance review data?

Yes, we provide a range of tools that allow you to analyze and gain insights about employee performance. Here are some of the tools we offer:

  • Heat maps: These are based on numeric question types from reviews and can be found in the Review/Analytics tab. Heat maps provide visual representations of performance based on ratings.
  • 9 Grid box: This tool is based on competency assessments and displays a distribution of employee performance on two axes: actual performance and potential. You can access it in the Competencies/9Grid box tab.
  • Spider chart: This chart is based on competency assessments and provides a visual representation of employee performance. It can be found in the Employee profile/Competencies tab.
  • (Coming soon...) Distribution chart: This tool will display the overall performance scores of employees, including self-scores versus manager scores. The scores can be obtained by enabling the Score + next steps feature in the Review/Questions tab. The information will be displayed in the Performance/Overview section.

These analytics tools offer valuable insights into employee performance and help you make informed decisions.



Can I export performance review data?

Yes, you can export the data from a review by accessing the Review/Analytics tab. The data can be downloaded in both .pdf and .csv formats.



Is it possible to include additional participants in a review after it has been launched?

Yes, it is possible to add one or more participants to a review that is already active. To do so, you can navigate to the Review/Participants tab and click on the "Add participant" button.



Is it possible to remove a participant from a review after it has been launched?

Currently, it is only possible for an Account Manager (AM) to remove a participant from a review through the Back-office (BO) system.



Is it possible to replace a manager in an active review?

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