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Your company documents directory

Documents organization is key to manage your company´s files, and that is why Factorial Enterprise gives you the opportunity to create Custom Folders so, all company documents are organized in their corresponding folders.

No more lost documents in your company directory!

Using this feature that allows you to create custom folders, you can group the documents you share with administrators into folders and have them sorted out for when you need to review them. 

Whether they are documents such as Social Insurance, Taxes, flexible remuneration policies, supplier documents, etc. You won't waste time searching for documents in an endless list, you'll be able to access them quickly. 

How do I create custom folders? 👀

It is very simple! First we go to the Company section where we will find the Documents section.

Once inside documents, we go to the bottom of the page and click on the section "Add folder"

 Last but not least, we type down the name of the folder and that´s it 🤗

Can I edit the folders?

Of course. If you need to update the folder name or hide it, you must select the editing wheel and choose to edit or archive folder.

Archiving Folder will not delete documents, it will only hide the folder for employees.

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