Work Location Tracking

Get better control and tracking of the location of your employees in all their registered shifts. Know the % of work location in each team.

🙌 This solution aims to track where your employees do their clock-in.

How to enable the work location tracking?

❗️Remember to be logged in as an Admin to set this up.

  • Head to the Apps section
  • Click on the Time Tracking app
  • Choose your Time Tracking policy 
  • Once in there, go to the Preferences tab 
  • Scroll down until the Work location tracking section
  • Enable the option (41)-Jan-13-2023-04-00-46-4934-PM

How does your employees will see it?

👀 Once logged in into their Factorial account, in their Dashboard, in the Clock-in section a new drop-down menu will appear with the different options to clock-in.

❗️ By default it will appear, Clock-in from the office.

According to their location they will have to click into the option that better fits them.



Clock-in as an employee using the work location tracking

  • From the main Dashboard, in the Clock In frame
  • Click the right button to see the drop-down menu
  • Select the option that fits (43)-Jan-13-2023-04-30-31-3658-PM

❗️Employees can add their work location when adding their shifts manually.


  • Head to the Clock In section located in the left menu
  • Select the day in which you want to add or edit the shift
  • Click the three dots 📍on the right 
  • Select Add/Edit work location
  • A new tab will appear with all the shifts of the day and the location, to change it just click in and select another option
  • Save changes

🔥 All of the changes made, will appear in the Version history and in the Time Sheet PDF export. (45)-4

Know the %  Working from home in each team

  • Head to the Employees section 📍in the left menu
  • Click on the Teams tab
  • And a new column will appear with the Working Location with the work location distribution for the last 30 days 

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