Why data is refreshed on reports?

Discover how Factorial stores data in Reports feature

You may have seen this message in Reports 👉This report was updated 1 hour ago 👈

Refresh on reports-2

But what is this about? Why does it appear? Aren't we reading data from the same place we are storing it? Let's discover it together!

How does Factorial store data?

Factorial stores data in a database and every features in Factorial read or modify this database. All features except Reports.

Why is Reports feature different?

Reports is very complex from a technical point of view. It consumes a huge quantity of data at once and for every user entering on Reports.

If everyone would consume reports from the real database, Factorial would be broken all the time❗

For this reason, it is very common that business intelligence tools use a copy of the database to make these calculations faster and safer.

💡We take a “picture” of the data for every user according to their permission level. And that is what you see in the message: the last time Factorial took this picture.

👉 What happens if I create a new report?

If you create a new report of if you use an old one, data will be the same: the state of the database remains as it was in the last picture.

👉 Why does my colleague have different data and time?

Data image is updated for each user to take account of their permissions, so different users will have different "data images", and it is completely normal.

👉 I want the data as it is right now. What can I do?

Each dashboard has refresh button that activates the copy of the database in real time. It may take some time because there is a lot of data, but we are working to be faster every day.

👉 Why sometimes is it faster than others?

If there are, at the same time, many people who want to create their “picture”, they will enter into a queue, and the last person will take longer than the first one.

🛠️  We are working to reduce the waiting time