What you need to know about Face Recognition

Allow your employees to clock in/out from the workspace entrance by using face recognition.

🔺 Data protection with Face Recognition: Remember that while using this functionality, you have the duty to comply with all the applicable data protection rules and provisions to which you are subject in the specific context of your use. Depending on the definitions given by the applicable law, this functionality (employing facial recognition technology) might entail the processing of employees’ biometric data and trigger duties for you such as: e.g. being able to demonstrate that the use you make of it is necessary and proportionate and that it does not interfere with the rights of the data subjects, etc.

 How can I activate the face recognition clock-in/out system? 

➡  Face recognition can only be performed via computer or tablet. 
➡ To activate face recognition, you must have already registered your company domain.

  • Head to the App Section 
  • Select time tracking 
  • In settings, choose a policy or create one 
  • Within the policy, slide the mouse until finding Time tracking system 


  • Copy the face recognition system url to set up the clock in by face recognition

Set up face recognition 

  • Once you have copied  the face recognition system url, you will need to open it in another tab. 
  • Press in set up
  • A camera will open, take a picture. (If necessary, you can retake your picture by pressing on retake picture). Or you can press in continue to proceed. 
  • Once you have taken the photo and continued, you will see a notification asking you to enter your ID number.

    Introduce ID

 What is my ID number?: your employee's unique identifier. Find your ID number in Me>Personal>Id Number 

  • Submit your ID number and the system will make a match. 
    ➡ If the match is correct: You will need to confirm your identity by pressing in confirm.
    ➡ If the ID does not match with you: you´ll be required to introduce your ID again. 


    Not recognized (1)

Clock In with Face Recognition 

How to clock in with face recognition? 

  1. Copy the face recognition system url and open it in another tab 
  2. Press in clock in 

3. Place your face within the frame to be recognized

4. The system will look for a match

➡ If the match is correct: Your clock in went successfully.

➡ If there wasn't a match: You'll be asked to introduce your ID 

Not recognized
➡ If any employee gets the error mentioned in the screenshot below
↓, we recommend contacting their company administrators.


📢 We advise the administrator to review the face recognition time tracking policy to verify that the employee with errors form part of this policy.