Cycles in Time-Off Allowances

Everything you need to know about cycles in time off allowances.

👩‍🏫 Time-Off Allowances

In addition to creating your Time-Off Allowances, you can now determine Cycles within these allowances to establish periods for a year. These cycles will be updated annually; if you set that the Cycle lasts from January to December, the Cycle will update in January of the following year. Also, restarting the count of available and accumulated days.

Where can I find Cycles in Factorial?

  1.  Access Company 
  2.  Head to Time-Off
  3.  Choose the Policy of your interest
  4.  Select Add Time-Off Allowance
  5.  Complete the Fields (53)

Can Cycles be edited?

No, it is the only option that you cannot edit in your Time-Off Allowances. This is because the counter relies on the assigned Cycle to subtract or add the requested days of absences.

If I can't edit the Cycle and need to delete it, what should I do?

You must eliminate the Time-Off Policy that holds that Cycle. But, if you have employees with adjustments already made which are associated with the Time-Off Allowances, you will have to reassign the employee to a new or another Policy as well as the Time-Off Allowances. 

Re-Assign TOP