What Information about My Account is Visible to other Users?

We know you have sensitive information stored and therefore we want to let you know what information is shared with other users within Factorial.

👉 If your company has not activated the visibility restriction mode,  this is what you and all other employees will see: 

From the Dashboard Section 

  • Upcoming Time Off
  • Upcoming Holidays 
  • Upcoming Events 
  • Today and Previous days Happenings - (Birthdays, First Days and Anniversaries) 


From the Calendar Section 

  • Holidays 
  • Birthdays 
  • Anniversaries 
  • First days 


From Accounts with permissions granted 

  •  Administrators will have full visibility of employee profiles.
  • Time Off Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders will have greater visibility depending on the permissions that administrators have granted them.