What Can an Employee See at Factorial?

Find a list of what your employees can see inside Factorial.

💡 Remember that as an Administrator, you can decide the scope of visibility in your Company's Account: Can I Assign Different Permissions to My Employees?

What an Employee user sees in Factorial: 

  1.  Profile and Personal Data 
  2. Their Time-off section
  3. Their documents and shared company files
  4. Their clock-in 
  5. Their task section
  6. The calendar that lists all the other people on the team and the people who are out of the office.
    (employees will not be able to see the type of leave for which the employee is out of the office, if indicated by the administrator). 
  7. A list of the company employees 
    📸 they will only be able to see very basic information about the other employees, like e-mail, manager, teams and the customized fields. 
  8. Their Face Recognition Settings


EVERY MONDAY 🌞: Your workers will receive in their emails a Weekly Summary  with the events of the week, such as: birthdays, anniversaries, who will be absent, pending tasks to be done, etc.