What are Accrued Days/Hours?

Through this article you will understand what accrued days/hours mean in Factorial.

What are Accrued Days/Hours?

Accrued days/hours are Time-Off granted to Employees for Specific Periods that are based on Time-Off Policies. These days will always be reflected in the Employees Time-Off Counters, and their Calculation will depend on How the Company has Configured their Time Off Policies. 

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Where can I Configure my Company's Accrued Days? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Time Off 
  • Access the Policy where the Time-Off Counter is located
  • Edit or Add a Time-Off Counter


What Options can I Configure for my Company's Accrued Days?

  1. The Amount of Accrued Days
  2. Days Carried Over
  3. Available Days 

The Amount of Accrued Days

According to your company's policies, you can enter the number of allowance days/hours your employees can own in a period. In this case we have opted for 23 days allowances, which is generally what is granted in Spain. 

Day allowance

Days Carried Over

How many days or hours your employees can carry over into the next period you have chosen? Introduce it in Days/Hours Carried Over and then select when will you like these carried over days/hours to come to an end, or in other words, to expire.  

You will also have the option to select unlimited accrued days/hours, meaning they can accumulate as many days/hours they haven't used in a current period. 

carried over

Available Days 

You are the one who decides how to offer these available days/hours: 

  1. Days accrued all at once. (If you granted 23 days of allowance, these 23 days will be available from the beginning of the period). 
  2. Days are accrued throughout the year, on a daily basis. (If you granted 23 days of allowances, these days will be generated on a daily basis, so maybe in a day the employee will generate 0.8 day)
  3. Days are accrued throughout the year, on a monthly basis. (If you granted 23 days of allowance, these days will be generated on a monthly basis, so maybe in a month the employee will generate 2 or 3 days)

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🔺The calculation of generation of days/hours depends on the days/hours per policy and how the time-off laws are. Therefore, if you have doubts about this generation of days, please consult it with your HR admin.