Geolocation in Time Tracking

Learn all about the Geolocation clock-in system.

📢 Employees must accept the Geolocation policies first.
Geolocation will record the coordinates only when the clocking is being performed. At no other time will this information be tracked.

How can I activate it? 

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Select Time Tracking 
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select the Time Tracking Policy of your interest 
  5. Go to Policy Settings 
  6. Activate Use geolocation

🔺 You cannot activate the Geolocation and QR code /Entrance app at the same time. 


When an employee clock´s in through the app, Factorial will save the coordinates from which the employee performed the clock in.

Consult the cordinates in the Time Tracking Report - PDF format



⚠️: The moment you enable geolocation, the clock-in button on the web will disappear, as the Geolocation system is not available for the web.