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How Admins can log in to their employees' accounts in Factorial

In this short article, you will see different ways in which now is possible to log in as an employee to check how they see Factorial

🔴  All actions when logging in as an employee will be recorded.
🔴  Admins cannot perform the become inside the account of other admins. 


Use case

Sometimes when configuring your Factorial account as admin you set permissions, send a survey, or just make some adjustments in general and you don't know how it looks for your employees.

We have introduced a way to check Factorial as a specific user, that way you can validate that they have the correct permissions or that the general configuration is 

Actions blocked

Some actions will be available but they will be recorded in cases you perform them. Here there is a list of the actions you won't be able to perform:

  • Request and edit time off
  • Sign documents (when logging in as an employee you won't see the notification to sign any document)
  • Create and edit shifts
  • Edit contracts
  • Edit supplements
  • Generate SEPA file
  • See the performance review section (to protect anonymous answers)
  • See the surveys section (to protect anonymous answers)

How to log in as an employee?

☝️With this feature is possible to check and overview employees activities, in factorial there are three main ways in which you can perform the become. 

1: Permissions groups 

  • Company > More > Permissions > Enter in a group of permissions > Employee > Select the employee > Click on Log in as the employee...


💡Every time you log in to an employee profile is possible to go back to your own profile by clicking on Go back to your profile at the top.

2: Employees:

  • Employees  > Click the options button (...) > Log in as the employee...


3: Employee personal profile:

  • Employee profile > Click on the (...) up on the right > Log in as the employee...