Understanding Time-Off Allowances

In your different time-off policies, you will have advanced settings at your disposal that will allow you to add time-off allowances. Get a clear understanding of how allowances work.

What are Time-Off Allowances? 

Time off Allowances are counters used to limit the number of days or hours that can be taken from a particular Time-Off Policy. They belong within a Time-Off Policy and in order to configure them correctly, you must first select Absence Types that will be specific to each Time-Off Allowance. 

Where can I Find Time-Off Allowance?

  1. Head to Company 
  2. Select Time-Off
  3. Choose the Policy in which you will add the Time-Off Allowance
  4. In Basic Information, slide the mouse to find Time-Off Allowances
  5. Click on Add Time-Off Allowance
  6. Introduce an allowance name 


Configuring Time Off Allowances

Basic Information 

  • Allowance Name: Give it a name, as for example -Reduction of working time-

  • Absence Types 

  • The allowance is set in: Days or hours? 

  • How We will Display these Days or Hours? Select the option you need. 


Allowance Settings 

💡You are able to configure not only calendar days but also customise its measuring, being able to count or not the weekend or bank holiday at the end of the vacation period.

  • Base Allowance days/hours: This is the number of days you will grant your employees during each cycle. This number can increase based on tenure according to your settings.
  • Select base allowance days : Choose between working or calendar days. If you select working days, that's it (no drop down). However, if you select calendar days, you will have a new option available.  
    • Working Days: These days correspond from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. 
      • Working days may change based on vacation policies based on the city of the company. Although every employee will have the same vacation policies, some may change switch up their working days in function of local holidays.
    • Calendar Days: If you configure your base allowance days as  calendar days or the customization feature of the measuring of your days (counting/ not counting weekend or bank holiday at the end of the period) will be available.
  • If vacation ends before a bank holiday: You can determine to count the bank holiday/ weekend. If the vacation ends on a Friday or before a bank holiday determine if that weekend and/or holiday count towards their vacation. 

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  • How are allowance days/hours accrued?: These available days will be Accrued all at once? Accrued throughout the year on a daily basis? or Accrued throughout the year on a monthly basis? 
  • The cycles will span from: A cycle is a 12-month period that defines when the allowance starts and expires. 

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Cycles in Allowances

💡Cycles are updated annually; if you set that the Cycle lasts from January to December, the cycle will update in January of the following year, restarting the count of available and accumulated days.


☝🏽Cycles may no be edited once the time off allowance has been created. The counter relies on the assigned cycle to subtract or add the requested days of absences.

💡You may delete a time off policy that has a faulty or undesirable cycle but you will have to assign employees from the current adjustments to a new policy or allowance.

  • Within the policy, head to Employees
  • Click on the (...) 
  • Select: Assign to different policy 


Carryover Settings 

  • Carryover days/hours: How many days your employees can carry over into the next cycle?
  • Carryover days/hours expires: Define the expiration date of the carryover days. 


How will I Visualise the Allowances Created?

You will find all Allowances in the Time Off Section. To gather more information, simply click on the small arrow. 



→ Can I make edits after I have created a Time-Off Allowance? 

Of course, it is very simple. 

  1. Access the Policy where the Allowance to be modified is located 
  2. Click on ⚙️ located on the right side of the name of the allowance
  3. Choose to Edit allowance

🔺 The things that cannot be edited are the Time-Off Cycles. This is because the counter relies on the assigned cycle to subtract or add the requested days/hours of absences and the Allowance Type (If it was set in days or hours).