Understanding the Time Off Counter at the end of the Year

The time off counter automatically calculates the available and used vacation days. Understand how to read the counter and manage your vacation days.

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Here you have an overview of vacation days accrued, available and taken for the current year. This means that if you ask for days off on the current year, this will be reflected directly on your counter. However, if you ask for days off for next year, your available/ used days will remain intact. This is because the counter processes the days automatically for next year, however, when the year changes the counter will reflect these days.

For instance, let's imagine that Lilian asks for 7 days of vacation for next year (2022). After the request has been accepted she will still see no changes in her counter, however, if she accesses the counter for next year (by simply clicking on the arrow on the right), these days will be reflected correctly:



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