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Understanding SSO and Supported Providers

In this article, we will be explaining the difference between SSO log in, OneClick log in and a user/password log in.

Methods of Authentication 

Password Required

  • Dependent on password for log in 
  • The user will still be able to access Factorial unless the admin terminate it

🟠If someone manages to steal/access your password, they will then have access to your Factorial account. 

SSO (Password not required)

  • You validate your identity from another provider, therefore no Factorial's password is required, only the password of your identity provider.
  • The administrator of the identity provider can deactivate the employee's access to Factorial without terminating it

🖋Note : If an administrator of a respective account decides to cancel the account of a user, the user will not be able to access other applications that were being used with SSO.  

Log In Methods

Microsoft or Google Log In

By attempting to log in with Factorial, if you use Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook to manage your company email accounts your users can log in into Factorial directly without a password. This method doesn't require any previous configuration.

🖋Note : Your user must have been previously created in Factorial.

  1. Head to Log In page 
  2. Select the service of your preference either Microsoft or Google 
  3. Validate the selected account 
  4. Access Factorial


SSO Log In

💡SSO log in, requires you to connect Factorial to the identity provider (e.g. Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta) through a meeting with our development team. Contact us to schedule the integration meeting.

In order to log in with SSO, your user needs to have been previously created in Factorial. Once the user will be connected, you may head to Factorial.

  1. Head to Log In page 
  2. Click on Sign in with SAML SSO
  3. Enter a valid email
  4. Validate the account in the identity provider 
  5. Access to Factorial