Understanding N-1

In this short article we will learn how to define and configure N-1 within our Allowances.

➡ Defining N-1 

In France, companies allow their employees to use days off generated in the previous cycle. In other words, the days off that employees can use from june 2020 - may 2021 cycle were  generated in june 2019 - may 2020 cycle.

  1.  You generate vacation days.
  2. You use these vacation days in the following cycle.

➡ Where can we configure N-1? 

  • Head to the Company section 
  • Select the Time Off Tab 
  • Within any of your allowances, head to the allowances settings.

In the field, when can they be used?  Is where you will determine when can these days be used. 

In the same cycle in which they were acquired. 
In the cycle following that in which they were acquired (N-1).

  • To finish, save the applied changes