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Understanding And Configuring Forfaits Jours

Configure Forfaits Jours to Facilitate Time Management of Employees for Managers and Executives in Days rather than in Hours.

What are Forfaits Jours?

➡️The remuneration of an employee is based on the number of days worked. The intention behind is that an employee will be receiving a salary not through a number of hours but for a number of days worked throughout the year.  

💡In order to configure the Forfaits Jours feature, the legal entity must be in France. 

⚠️ Time Tracking and Payroll Management need to be installed.

1. Set Up Payroll Management 

Basic Settings:

Add a Country and a Bookkeeper.

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    👩🏽‍⚖️ Set Up Payroll Management

    2. Contracts

    • Head to Employees section
    • Select the employee in question
    • Head to Contracts
    •  Create a New Version

    Mar-22-2022 10-14-03

    📖Contract Extra Information

    • Forfaits Jours is now configured into your Contract and Legal Entity 


    3. Time Tracking - Forfaits Jours 

    • Head to Time Tracking 
    • Select Employee previously selected with the New Contract
    • You will notice that the employee now has installed Days instead of Hours


    If you have a New Contract version in the middle of the month and you state that the employee in question will be an executive, the changes will me made a the beginning of the following month. 

    4. Clock In - Forfaits Jours

    • Head to Clock In
    • You select Shifts rather than put in Hours
    • Option to Set Worked Days in Bulk

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