Time Tracking Tolerance

With a tolerance range you will be able to track more efficiently clock in's and clock out's of your employees. This tool will help you thrive for punctuality and worked hours.

☝🏽To access the Time Tracking Tolerance feature you must download the Time Tracking App

  1. Head to Time Tracking  in Apps
  2. Head to Settings
  3. Select a time tracking policy where you want to enable the Time Tracking Tolerance
  4. Head to Preferences section


How do I set up Tolerance in Time Tracking?

👉🏽Set a time range in which the employees assigned to this policy can clock in and out.

  • Entrance/Exit time range : Define a time range for the employee to do the clock in/out.
    • Employees can clock in/out up to n min before scheduled & n min after scheduled

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  • Select the effective date when the changes will be apply

👀 Select the check box in case you want rounding to apply. Rounding means that, when the clock in or clock out time is within the defined range, the clock in and clock out times are rounded to the planned time.

  • Press on Submit

🚨 Please note that tolerance ranges will only apply to employees whose schedule is defined by a fixed worked schedule or shift management.


Email Notifications 

Punctuality - Late Clock In's

👉🏽To be triggered when the employee tries to clock in outside the range.

These notifications only apply to employees (and their managers and admins) who are assigned to a fixed schedule.

There may be employees in the TT policy who are not assigned to a fixed schedule. The time range will not apply to these employees.

  1. Alert the managers of the employees who clock in late outside the range, will receive by email on MondayScreenshot 2022-03-24 at 10.14.15
  2. Alert the employees who clock in late outside the range will receive by email every time they are late

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 10.14.24

 Tolerance Incidences in Reports 

☝🏽 With the start range and end range  fields, you can display the incidences of a range of your choosing via the filters. However, if this is not set, it'll show the incidences of the current month.