Time off Exports

Be able to get insights through the time off exports so you can understand better how the absence distribution across periods and team in your company is set.

👩‍💻Why do you need this?

-To periodically plan who needs to take time off and, based on the number of leaves, manage absence requests.

- To make an export that shows the remaining vacations of your employees.

- To detect insights into your company's staffing, No one has requested vacation? You might be interested to know why!

How to get Time Off Exports

  • Head to the Employees section
  • Clic in the (...) Button- 📍Located in the right-up corner
  • Select the Export employee data option

time off thing

  • In the drop-down menu, select the Time Off option
  • Choose the Time Off Type. By default you will have selected the Company Time off export option
  • In the Employees tab, mark all the employees you want to gather time off info from


Different types of Time Off Exports

➡️Company Time Off  Export (default option)

You will be able to use the employee selector and filter by team or legal entity.

To consider:

If you want to get insights about your terminated employees, you just need to use the Company Time off Export applying filters.

 Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 17.37.26

➡️Activity Time Off Export

You will be able to set a date range or to select by absence type selector.

Key points of this type of export:

You will be able to contextualize how many time off days/hours have been used in a concrete period of time using the date range.
It enables the option of comparing your company's time off insights within teams or understanding better the distribution of days to take company decisions.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 17.36.50

➡️Used Time off Export

You will be able to generate an export with an overall view of all the pending approvals, hours or days, and also the rejected ones.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 12.18.00➡️Time Off Schedule Export

You will be able to export the calendar view with employees' scheduled time off to understand and plan their working days.

time off schdule

👀 After doing this process you will receive the Exports on your email. 

All the exports follow the same process to be downloaded.