All About Time Off by Hours

Follow these steps to create allowances and adjustments. Check also the frequently asked questions about Absences by Hours.

When Requesting Time-Off, your Employees and You will have to Select a Type of Absence. Probably you will Need to Create SpecificTypes of Absences for Hours, such as: Personal Issues.  If you don't know how to do it yet, Read this article -> How can I Create Absence Types? 

Follow these Steps to Create an Allowance by Hours 

  1. Go to the Time Off Policy where you will add the Allowance By Hours
  2. Press on Add Time-Off Allowance and complete the information requested
    Add time off Allowance

•Time-off allowance name: Personal Issues
•Allowance type:
•Absence Types:
Personal Issues 
•Hour Allowance: 12
•Hours type:
Working hours
•Time-off cycle:
•Days carried over:
Unlimited accrued hours
•Available hours:
Hours are all accrued at once

Now that the Allowance has been Created, Learn How To Add Time Off by Hours:

🔺 The number of hours input does not accept decimals!

  • Head to the Time Off Section 
  • Click on +Add Time off 

Add time off by hours

Time Off Allowance Adjustments by Hours 

Add or substract hours from employee’s time off allowance

Add Adjustments EN

  • Select the Time off Allowance 
  • Select the year 
  • Introduce the hours 
  • Choose between add or substract hours
  • Provide a brief description
  • Press on Add Adjustments

FAQ´s - Time Off By Hours 

Will I Receive Notifications as Administrator, Time off Supervisor or Manager?

Yes, as long as you have activated the notifications to receive absences requested.

Will I be Able to View Absences by Hours in my Calendar?

Yes, you will be able to see all absences requested in Calendar>Team View 
👉 Position the cursor in the absence box to see the time and day.

Hours in Calendar

Will I be Able to View Absences by Hours in Shift Management?

Yes, remember to position the cursor in the absence box to see the time and day.

Shifts TOBH

Can I Import Hourly Absences in Bulk?

Yes, just like in absences by days. Follow these same steps and remember to enter whole numbers
--> How to Import Time Off Allowances?