Can I Assign Different Permissions to My Employees?

It is the administrators who can establish the scope of visibility that workers have within the platform. As simple as creating a group, adding certain users and activating permissions

Where Can I Find the Permissions System? 

In the Company section you will find a tab called Permissions, here you will see two groups created by default:

  •  Administrators 
  • Default Group

Administrators Group 

Types of Administrators 

📍 In this group you will find the Company Administrators
◻ You will be able to check the associated permissions 
Permissions cannot be customized, since as administrators they have complete visibility within the platform.

Default Employee Group 

External users on Factorial 
📍 In this group you will find all the employees of your staff
◻  The permissions assigned in this group are the basic permissions that users have in Factorial. 

Custom Groups 

You can create custom groups and thus assign specific permissions to your workers.

💡 An employee cannot be assigned to more than one group.

 How Can I Create a Custom Group? 

  • Click the "+" icon -📍 Located in the upper right corner

  • Add a name to the group

  • Add the employees in question

  • Customize your permissions

    Team Leaders

How Can I Add Employees to My Custom Group? 

  • Within the group, Head to the Employees  tab 
  • Click on the (+) 
  • Select  Assign an employee 
  • Press in Save (36)

How do I Configure my Groups to Limit Access and Viewing to Certain Teams or Individuals?

  • Head to the External Employee Permission Group 
  • Press in the  configuration tool 
  • Opt for Edit Access Group

Edit access group

Select between:
→ Everyone in the Company
→ Dynamic Groups 
→ Manual Selection 


Permission Groups 

How Can I Delete a Permission Group? 

  • Access Permissions
  • Go to the custom group

  • Click on

  • Select Delete the group

How Can I Move an Employee from one Permission Group to Another? 

    • Head to the Employee Section 
    • Click on the (...)  
    • Press Move to another group 

    Move employee - Groups

    Let's review the Permission: -Permissions Group-

    The action of granting a specific profile, for example: Managers, the power to fully manage the Permissions section. That is:
    ✔ Create Permissions Group 
    ✔ Edit Permissions Group 
    ✔ Create External Users 
    ✔ Assign Employees 


    Permissions group