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The Approval System and workflows

Learn more about the Approval System, which will help you to save time by creating straightforward workflows for different requests your employees have created for you on Factorial.

⚠️ This article uses time-off as an example to explain and visualise how the Approval System and workflows related to it work. In other cases it can be implemented and used for other requests that you have access to within Factorial.

What is the Approval System?

💡The Approval System provides you with the ability to approve different requests created by your employees within Factorial. Sometimes administrators would need complex approval workflows in order to approve employees´ time off, expenses, payslip variables and other requests. With Factorial you can simply start a new approval workflow for that! 👀

Where I can find the Approval System? 

  • Go to Company 
  • Click on Time off 
  • Scroll down to Time off approvals (in this case)

How does the Approval System works? 

1. Creating Approvals and selecting applicable approvers

🔴 These are the levels of approval required to take in consideration to have a request approved. Each of them has an approver assigned to it. These approvers are at different levels - this means that when a request is created, it first has to be approved by the 1st level approver before it can proceed to the next level.

  • Go to Time off  and click on Time off Approvals 
  • Enter in the Approval Group
  • Scroll down to Approval Flow
  • Click on Add approval level 

approval 1-gif

💡This mean that if someone requests time-off all the approvers who have been added in the approval level in question have to approve the request before it will be accepted and moved to the next level.

"Alex requested 2 days off. The first approver on the list will be the first one to receive this request. Once the request will get approved, then the next approver on the list will receive the request, and so on. If there are 4 approvers, all of them need to accept the request. If one of them rejects it, Alex's time-off won't be accepted".

2. Selecting an Alternative approver

If necessary, you can select and alternative approver.

  • Go to Time off  and scroll down to Time off Approvals 
  • Enter in the Approval Group
  • Click on Alternative approver

💡This step is necessary when one of the selected approvers for a level is the Manager or Time off supervisor and the employee requesting a time off has no manager or Time off supervisor, a default approver is needed to accept the employee's time off request instead.


    approval 2

    3. Creating an Approval Group

    You can also create Approval Groups, in which you can set different settings for the approval processes for a time-off request and assign different approvers to them. 

    • Go to Time off  and scroll down to Time off Approvals 
    • Click on Add new approval group
    • Add Approval group details

    approvals new