The 9 Box Grid in Competencies

Improve visualizations of your employees competencies with the 9-Box. The 9 box grid will help managers in companies to gain visibility of their employee's competences.

What is a 9 Box Grid?

A 9-Box grid is a way of visualising employees' performance and potential in a graph. Usually, X axis is performance and Y axis is potential, though there can be some variations in how to name it. It can be very useful to make decisions, to detect who are the employees that could evolve and manage people and teams, who could be promoted, and who might need new incentives and / or training. 

Where do I find the 9 Box Grid?

☝🏽In order to access the 9 box grid, you must first install and set up the competencies feature for your company. 

⚠️ To generate data on the 9 box grid, you need to have a published assessments for the users in question.

💡 When publishing, an assessment can be seen by the people with permission to see published assessments (by default, employees will be able to see their own assessments). Also, a published assessment is made available for the 9-Box grid. Only employees with published assessments will appear in the selection box in the 9-Grid box to avoid selecting employees with no data. 

  • Head to Competencies 
  • Head to 9 Box Grid section

➡️ Managers will be able to select the employees they want to represent and they will be prone to select which competencies are assigned to x-axis and y-axis. With that information the employee will be represented as a dot on the 9 box. Managers will be to see the progress of each employee.  

☝🏽Admins and Managers will be able to measure the performance and potential of their employees and to make better decisions on, promotions, trainings, etc.

Examples of Competencies 

  • Decision making
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment / Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Quality / Ability
  • Social skills