Teams in Factorial

Learn all about Teams in Factorial

How Can I Create Teams? 

  1. Go to Employees
  2. Select Teams
  3. Click on +New Team  - 📍Located in the upper right corner
  4. Introduce a Team name
  5. Press Save 

Create Teams

How Can I Add Members in Teams? 

  • Press on +Add Members
  • Select the employees you want to add as members 
  • Click on Add members 

Add members

How Can I Set a Team Leader? 

💡 You can add as many team leaders as you want

Team Leaders Can: 

◻ See information of the team members they lead
◻ Can manage absences of the team members they lead
◻ If the administrator grant these permissions, the leader will have access to the payroll, contracts or documentation of the team members.

  • Go to the person you want to assign as Leader
  • Click on the configuration tool ⚙
  • Press on Set as Team Leader

Set as team leader


☝ Follow these same steps and you will be able to Remove a Team Member. 

How Can I Rename or Delete a Team? 

  • Access theTeam
  • Click on the (...) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

Add members

Filter your Teams in:

  • Calendar 
  • Time Tracking Reports
  • Time Off Reports
  • Reports