Tasks Feauture in Employee´s

Check and complete your pending tasks daily.

How Can I Add Tasks?

🔺 An Employee can only Edit, Duplicate and Delete its Own Tasks 
🔺 An Employee Cannot Assign Tasks to Others
🔺 An Employee can Select as Completed any Task 

  1. Head to Tasks 
  2. Press + Add Tasks 
  3. Create a task
  4. Fill in the Details 
  5. Confirm 

Create tasks

Complete the Tasks 

Remember that there may be a Due Date, Complete the Task ✅

Assigned tasks completed

You can find your Task Filter by: 

◻ The once you have Created 
The once that have been Assigned 
◻ The once that have been Completed

Notifications Regarding Tasks  

You will recieve notificatios regarding Tasks Assigned via email and on the section Pending Task on  your Dashboard. 

📍 Pending Tasks>Dashboard 

Assigned task to do

📍  Email