Survey and Performance Review Templates

Create ready-to-use question templates for your performances reviews and surveys.

Where can I Find Templates? 

For surveys and performances you will find the Templates Section in Settings. You can find the configuration wheel in the upper right corner.


How Can I Create Templates? 

  • Head to Template Settings ⚙
  • Press on +Add template
  • Introduce a template name 
  • Press on Create Template

Create template

  • Basic Info 

    ⇒ Here you can edit the template basic information
  • Questions

    ⇒ Template questions that you will be able to import 
    ⇒ Learn with the captures provided below how to: add, edit or delete these questions. 

    Questions in templates

Options in questions

  • Delete Templates 

    ⇒Learn how to delete templates 

Delete template

How can we Import the Questions Created in our Templates into a Performance or Survey?

🔺 Only Administrators can Create Templates, Managers can only Create Questions.

  1. Within the Survey, in Configurations>Questions

questions-import template

2. Within the Performance, in Questions

Questions import template

Add questions template