Survey Template - Working from Home

Find in this template a series of questions that you can use in Survey to learn how your employees feel with teleworking.

Select the answer method that suits you better. Find below an example: 

Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Somewhat disagree
Strongly disagree

Working from Home 🏠 

• Question #1:  Your company culture is fully adapted to home office? 

Question #2: I feel that the company worries about myself (physically and mentally) regarding working from home? 

Question #3: I have everything I need to perform in my duties working from home? 

Question #4: I feel that I am getting enough support from my direct manager? 

Question #5: I’m happy with how frequently I connect with my direct manager? 

Question #6 I feel that I can easily reach my colleagues?

Question #7: I’m happy with how frequently I interact with my colleagues?

Question #8: I have a quiet and nice place to work at home?

Question #9:  What’s the biggest thing you currently struggle with while working from home?

Question #10: How can we improve your work from home experience?