Survey Analytics

This short article follows the previous content on how to create a survey. It will introduce you to the last section about analytics.

Survey Analytics

☝🏽In order to access survey analytics, you must first install and set up the survey feature for your company. 

🧘🏽‍♀️The data and graphs are segmented by question. 

  • Head to Analytics in Feedback

Raw Results 

  • You may visualise all questions and answers from the participants (scroll horizontally). This table provides an overview of all the answers from every participant of the survey.

Score Results 

The results are structured by score. There will be a display of all answers per question. 

  • Questions that are 'rated' have visual interpretation with graphs. By clicking on the graph of rating 2 per example, you will see all the participants that rated that question

Download Data

  • Click on (...)

😎 You may export survey results in .xlsx and .csv in a way that it’s not dependent on reports and visually interpret the responses of the participants. You may analyse the responses in depth by detecting trends in the participants answers. 

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